Thank you for your interest in creating artwork for the Scales Project.

Take inspiration from a piece already in the project, or send us a piece to start a conversation.

The Rules of Engagement

The Scales Project is about making art that expresses thoughts and feelings about the human role in and response to the climate crisis and ecological degradation. The Scales Project aims to push and broaden the conversation among artists and those who experience art.

Please respond to creative work with your own creative work; this is not a forum for critique.

To respond, you might take as a cue any aspect of a piece that provokes or pushes your own thinking and feeling, that stimulates an aesthetic, moral, or personal question, or that opens up a new understanding. You might also just want to use the same shade of green.

A conversation might be a single back and forth, or might be extended, with many participants, leaping ahead. Some might be monologues. You may connect with any piece in a conversation, even if another artist has already done so.

If you would like to engage with a piece of art already in the project, cite the artist name and title when sending your work.

If you’d like to engage with another artist off-line first, you can send to us your in-progress or completed conversation.

Practical details

The Scales Project is a not-for-profit art and community project, and thus we are unable to offer payment for work submitted.

If your work has been previously published and requires permission from a third party for publication by the Scales Project, please provide us with specific instructions (name, contact information). In some cases we will ask that you make initial inquiries to the copyright holder.

Literary artists: We are suggesting a word count not to exceed 2,000, but will accept pieces that are longer in some cases. Please send as both a PDF and as a Word, Pages, or Google doc.

Visual artists: Send your work as you would like it displayed, and include description of media and dimensions (height x width x depth (if applicable) in cm). Please send images of your work as jpegs at 1440px maximum width, with a maximum file size of 600K.

Musical artists: The Scales Project has a YouTube channel and SoundCloud account. We accept file transfers, or links to audio or audio/video pieces hosted elsewhere. Please contact us before sending files. 

Dance artists: The Scales Project has a YouTube channel. We accept file transfers, or links to videos hosted elsewhere. Please contact us before sending files.

All artists: Include the title of your piece, and a short bio (no more than 100 words), including the URL of your personal website, if applicable, that we might post on the website.

The Scales Project is a curated project. Please note we are unable to accept every piece of work submitted, and will not consider work that is not in keeping with the theme or spirit of the project as a whole.