Conversation 34


The Ropes

Wildness —
the world begins
Recklessness —
how it ends

Too bad we don’t know there is a difference

All you thought was silence
Was all you could not hear
And all you thought to worship was your fear

(You don’t choose God…
What isn’t God?)

If you choose to pray
Pray to the Gulf of Mexico
On a wing, oil glistening, God is listening
Unable to fly

And if you choose to look for gold
Find it, please, in your soul
The request of greed is never one life

Goldmine, goldmine

They showed the child the cross
And all he saw was wood

They showed the child the prison
And all he saw were men

Put money in his hand
You’d think he’d understand
But all he ever felt was one life
Goldmine, one life, goldmine

“Goldmine” is from the album The Ropes copyright © 2020 by The Ropes. Reprinted by permission of The Ropes/Wolfe Island Records/SOCAN. All rights reserved.